Semi isolating Rotary valve / Flow control rotary valve

Based on Ball valve mechanism to suit your application.This types of rotary valves are normally used below storage cylo.

This valves are used where material above valve is sticky , highly abrasive & column load is very very high Miteck systems provide customized solution for Rotary airlock valves​

  • Sizes Available Are 250,300,350 mm Circular/Square 

Typical application semi isolating Rotary valve / Flow control rotary valve cement  packing station


• Cement, Steel, Paper

• Available in five sizes from 150mm through 60 mm
Round or square flange assures system compatibility
• Full flow throat design permits maximum flow
• Oversize shaft diameters reduce deflection for
maximum torque
• Rugged cast iron construction and stainless steel
provides maximum structural stability
• Outboard sealed bearings never need lubrication
• Application specific options including speed
switches, motors, drives and accessories
• Externally replaceable packing with split
compression design

” Since 1996 Miteck systems have earned a reputation on designing & manufacturing of Semi Rotary Isolating Valves / Flow Control Rotary Valves, also we have expertise in Slide Gates, Diverting Gates, Screw Conveyors, Pug Mill Conditioners.

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Actual working video