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Side Entry Side Discharge Rotary Airlock Valves

Side Entry – Side discharge model Rotary Air Lock Valve [Side entry rotary valve] lines are specially designed with offset inlet and discharge opening to reduce product shearing while maintaining an efficient product flow in conveying or metering applications. The Valve name derives form the Offset inlet and outlet flanges, where product enters the side of the rotor instead of top.
On a normal valve, shearing takes place as
rotor rotates into the housing. When these two
edges meet on a typical drop thru rotary Air
Lock the product is caught on the upswing of
the rotor blades so that the product is
constantly filling away from the shear point. The
rotor pockets also do not fill completely,
reducing the likehood of shearing. Lastly, the
through out has V shape which helps push
product out of the way.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Side entry rotary valve
• Railcar unloading
• Pneumatic Conveying
• Vacuum Loaders

COMMON SERVICE CONDITIONS Side entry rotary valve
• Pressure Rating: 15 PSI.
• Maximum Operating Temperature: 1000 C
• Materials: Pellets, Chips, Flakes, Cubes.





FOOD           PAPER

PAINT           RUBBER

• Available in sized 150mm to 1000mm
• Maintenance free
• Offset side inlet and discharge provides optimal
material product flow
• Round Flange
• Optimal adjustable slide gate for optimal material
feed, rate control
• “V” type inlet throat minimizes product shearing
and degradation
• Housing vent connection improves valve efficiency
• Rugged corrosion resistant cast stainless steel
construction provides maximum structural stability

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