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Cone Valve

Cone valve typical application is used where pressure difference between upper section & discharge section is high & sealing requirement is critical also used where material handled is abrasive

Miteck’s Heavy duty cone valve series ensure a reliable, long-lasting seal  even when the material is abrasive or corrosive.

Easy and inexpensive to maintain for decades of “like new” operation; and, fit their specific applications ,All models match the standard industry flange pattern and height. The low-profile design of the MPSA model enables it to fit in restricted space without costly structural changes. All models are offered with the following choice of  pneumatic , electro-mechanical or gravity/counterweight actuation. We offer a non wearing seal and will operate flawlessly under all types of continuing process conditions .This would include applications with extreme temperature ranges, abrasive, corrosive materials and high-pressure differentials. During operation, product builds up on the cone until a sufficient load overcomes the counterweight. The cam alternately opens each cones, allowing material to pass through the separate chambers in batch form and thereby ensuring a gas seal.  After cam release, the counterweights (or springs) smoothly return each cone to the sealed position. This type units are suitable for pressure differentials of up to 20 inches water gauge. 

However with special The Motorized cone  valve is specifically designed to control the rate of material flow through a system, while at the same time preventing air leakage by isolating the processing system’s pressures. application conditions

consideration to the contact points between the inlet and the cone, a seal can be incorporated to allow pressures up to 15 psi.


  • Scrubbers
  • Precipitators
  • Oxidizers
  • Bag houses
  • Heaters

” Since 1996 Miteck systems have earned a reputation on designing & manufacturing of Cone Valve, also we have expertise in Rotary Airlock Valve, Slide Gate, Rack and Pinion Gates,

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