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Quick Clean Rotary Airlock Valves

The Quick clean rotary valves Series is designed for fast dis assembly, cleaning and reassembly of the
material contact surface. The Quick clean rotary valves is specifically designed to be cleaned without
tools and removal from service. This type of valve we normally supply to the pharmaceutical industry and food industry.
• The Quick Clean Rotary Valves are
specially designed for application where
frequent cleaning, sanitizing or inspection
of the bulk handling system is required
with minimum down time. They are also
ideal for batch systems where regular
cleaning between cycles is required.
• The valve needs no tools to unscrew the
release handles and remove the head
plate. Four slide bars with linear bearings,
provide maximum support for the rotor. The rotor and head plate can be pulled out and
the valve can be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and inspected.
• Re-assembly is quick and simplified as no special tools are required.
• Three design levels to meet your specific cleaning needs in stainless or polished sanitary.

  • These type of valve normally we supply to pharmaceutical industry & food industry.

GENERAL SERVICE CONDITION of Quick clean rotary valves
• Pressure Ration: 15 psi
• Maximum Operating Temperature: 400ºF
• Materials: Dry Free-Flowing Food grad or
contamination sensitive Powders

• pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications.

• Available in 3 sizes from through 100 mm to 300
• SS 316 and SS 304 are standard providing maximum
structural stability
• Tool-free hand fasteners for rotor removal and
regular inspections
• Four Slide bar design, using linear, bearings for full
support of rotor and head plate
• Permanently Sealed bearings ensure protection
for contamination

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Working video Quick clean rotary valves