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Motorized Flap Valve

Motorised flap valve

Unlike a rotary valve that inevitably has some air leakage because of the clearance required between the blades and the housing, The DoubleFlap gate Airlock Valve is designed to seal completely and isn’t subject to the kind of wear that rotary valves would endure under extreme

The Motorised flap valve is specifically designed to control the rate of material flow through a system, while at the same time
preventing air leakage by isolating the processing system’s pressures. application conditions.

Typical application
1 – Batch feeding
2 – Mixing
3 – Drying
4 – Pneumatic
5 – Material Recovery
6 – Dust Collection

The  Motorised flap valves are designed for high-pressure applications up to 20 psi and temperature extremes up to 1,650˚F or higher depending upon the application.
Double-flap gate product that can operate reliably in pneumatic conveying systems at these pressures.

All models are offered with a choice of pneumatic, electro-mechanical or gravity/ counterweight actuation.

A triple flap gate configuration is also available if better suited to your particular application.

• High Pressure With Up To 20 psi Differentials
• Extreme Temperatures To 1,650˚F or Higher
• Highly Corrosive Materials

Common industry

FoundriesMold sand handling
BreweriesGrain & hops handling/storage
Wood ProductsWaste & sawdust
PaperPulp & chip handling
GypsumGypsum conveying for wallboard
Lead ProductsRecycled lead
Food HandlingVarious food-grade applications
Salt MinesMixing, conveying, blending
Steel MillsDust collection & storage
Sewage PlantsSludge conveying & storage
Chemical PlantsPrevents contamination
Feed & GrainVarious applications
RenderingExtensive use, washes down
Glass PlantsConveying & metering

The body of Screw conveyor is fabricated from different type of material suitable for site condition and client requirement. Standard materials of construction for critical parts of Screw conveyor  are-

      1. Body: A36, IS 2062, A516, IS 2002, Corten, SS 304, SS 316, Inconel etc.
      2. Blade: A36, IS 2062, A516, IS 2002, Corten, SS 304, SS 316, Inconel etc.
      3. Shaft/Screw: En8, En24, SS 304, SS 316, etc.
      4.  Seal: SS 316Ti, Inconel etc.
      5.  Bearing: C.I lined Bush type with Grafoil Sheet, maintenance free / Antifriction

Other materials of construction can be used as required by client.

These Screw conveyor are designed for sealing up to 99.9% without seal air system and 100% with seal air system. Shut of blinds are also provide 100% sealing across blade & 99.9% duct to/from atmosphere. Type of seals: Bulb seal/ Flexible sea

These dampers can be provided with single or double screw / rack-pinion arrangement depending on client requirements and the size of dampers.

• Increased Safety – robust, hybrid construction with no external pinch points
• Up to 60% Larger Diameter Shafts and Support Bearings – means less downtime due to premature shaft failure
• Larger Adjustable Packing Gland Shaft Seals -minimizes system leakage to exterior and allows for air purging
• Front and Rear Access Panels – simplifies interior inspection and maintenance
• Dual Lever Arms – assures more uniform gate-to-seat contact and enhances the gate’s ability to close against higher-pressure differentials
• Out board sealed bearings never need lubrication

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