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Material flow diverter

Material flow diverter is used for selecting one out of two outlet ports. The flow through these valves is essentially a gravity flow and the position of the diverter flap decides which of the two outlet ports will be active.

MITECK SYSTEMS manufactures & supplies these fabricated valves as per customers’ requirements.

Diverter valves are designed to direct product flow outlets of storage bins, silo conveyors, gravity flow chutes and other discharge points handling powders, granules, grains and other bulk solids. These valves are available in deflector or diverter types, with three-positional control on diverter if required to split the flow.

The splitting of flow can be achieved by positioning the diverter flap in an intermediate position. However, middle position will not necessarily mean equal splitting of flow as the location of valve and material flow characteristic can influence the flow splitting ratio.

MITECK SYSTEMS also manufactures “TRIVERTOR GATE VALES”, which is a variation on Diverter gate valves having three possible outlets instead of two.


As the name suggests, Diverter Gate Valves are used to determine the outflow of bulk, free flowing material from a vessel bin. The vessel could be hoppers, silos, bag filter, bins etc. and the feeder can be any type of bulk material conveyor.

  • They are used in various industries such as cement, chemicals, mining, mineral process, textile, paper, food grains, etc

Common industry uses for Material flow diverter :

Conveying & meteringCement industry
MiningGrain & hops handling/storage
Wood ProductsWaste & sawdust
PaperPulp & chip handling
Steel industryGypsum conveying for wallboard
Lead ProductsRecycled lead
Food HandlingVarious food-grade applications
Salt MinesMixing, conveying, blending
Steel MillsDust collection & storage
Sewage PlantsSludge conveying & storage
Chemical PlantsPrevents contamination
Feed & GrainVarious applications
RenderingExtensive use, washes down
Glass Plants

The body of Divertoris fabricated from different type of material suitable for site condition and client requirement. Standard materials of construction for critical parts of Divertor are-

      1. Body: A36, IS 2062, A516, IS 2002, Corten, SS 304, SS 316, Inconel etc.
      2. Blade: A36, IS 2062, A516, IS 2002, Corten, SS 304, SS 316, Inconel etc.
      3. Shaft/Screw: En8, En24, SS 304, SS 316, etc.
      4.  Seal: SS 316Ti, Inconel etc.
      5.  Bearing: C.I lined Bush type with Grafoil Sheet, maintenance free / Antifriction

Other materials of construction can be used as required by client.

These Material flow diverter designed for sealing up to 99.9% without seal air system and 100% with seal air system. Shut of blinds are also provide 100% sealing across blade & 99.9% duct to/from atmosphere. Type of seals: Bulb seal/ Flexible seal

” Since 1996 Miteck systems have earned a reputation on designing & manufacturing of Diverters,also we have expertise in Rotary Airlock Valve,Slide Gate, Rack and Pinion Gates, Rod gates.

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