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Marine Scrubber Damper

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       Starting in 2020, all vessels must comply with global sulfur limits established in MARPOL Annex VI. Making the right Marine Scrubber Damper choices now can keep you a step ahead.


Marine Scrubber Damper with Seal air fan Y- type / T-type of the damper is 100% sealing is achieved by using a high pressure sealing air barrier.
The system works by a fan creating pressure between the discs. This means that no aggressive gas can pass through the damper since the air sealing pressure is higher than the gas pressure.

Marine Scrubber Dampers
Marine Dampers


  • Leakage with Air Sealing
  • Compact Design
  • Tandem or Double Blade Design
  • Square or Round Construction
  • Equipped with Blower and intercepting valve
  • Low air consumption

    Type approved damper
    Type approved damper


  • Marine Industry
  • Gas Scrubbers
  • Flue gas desulphurization
  • Furnace Dust extraction
  • SCR systems
  • Fuel NOX
  • Chemical Industry
  • Paper industry
  • Exhaust Gas Turbine

WORKING CONDITIONS: Maximum Working Temperature up to 1100°C

Maximum Working Pressure < 0,5 bar


  • On/OFF or Modulating Service
  • Diameter Range from DN 250 to DN 4000 ( Larger Size on request )
  • End Connections: Flanged PN6, PN10, ANSI 150, DIN, JIS
  • Tightness Class: VI according to FCI 70-2 PERFECT TIGHTNESS
  • Operated by Hand lever, Pneumatic or Electric Actuators
marine scrubber damper

Miteck systems is a leader in the design and manufacture of flue gas and high-temperature Marine Scrubber Damper in various diameters (DN 250 – DN 4000) and construction materials. Our range of dampers includes Butterfly Valves, Guillotines, Louver, Multi-Louver, Diverter, By-pass groups and customized solutions with design based on customer specifications.

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Scrubbing – being a fully-fledged technology for sulphur oxides (SOx) removal in power plants – becomes also more and more popular in maritime/marine applications.

Ships are a prime source of sulphur dioxide (SO2), which is produced by burning fossil fuels and causes air pollution.

The regulations to protect the marine environment have gradually tightened by the introduction of Emission Control Areas (ECA).

Ships in the ECAs may only use low sulphur fuels or, alternatively, need to be equipped with scrubbers representing a significantly more economical solution in many cases.

Within scrubber technology, it is essential to shut off, divert and control flue gases in a reliable manner as well as to ensure a fast-closing or fast-opening operation in case of emergency. Miteck Marine scrubber dampers with seal air fan can provide 100 % Sealing And have been improved by design and sealing type modification to meet the requirements of scrubbers.

Max Leakage Class VI according to FCI 70-2 PERFECT TIGHTNESS

End Connections: Flanged PN6, PN10, ANSI 150, DIN, JIS 

Material: Carbon Steel, Corten, AISI 304, AISI 316