Self Cleaning Rotary Airlock Valve

Basic application of self cleaning Rotary valve is used where material is having tendency to stick to rotor blade pockets, These valves are designed in such a way that it scrap our material at each revolution at the discharge point ,

Miteck systems self-cleaning-rotary valves convince with enforced  cleaning with help of scrapper  , which ensures a proper discharge of sticky material at each revolution of rotor
A scraper blade rotor mounted below the rotor is driven with the help of a synchronization gear.

Self Cleaning Rotary Valve best Quality designer & Manufacturer
Self Cleaning Rotary Valve best Quality designer & Manufacturer

For metering, sealing, feeding and discharging as well as measuring of bulk-solids in sticky, bridging and moist conditions, which tend to cause blocking,  such as coal, salts, ashes, limestone, slurries and methyl cellulose.

Base of this design is our standard Rotary Valve. The forced cleaning ensures a correct discharge of every kind of material, which wouldn’t be possible with a standard model.

A scraper located below the rotor is driven by a synchronization gear. The scraper cleans each chamber, this process is maximizing the throughput and ensuring the proper function avoiding blockages of the adhering bulk product.

The sophisticated engineered geometry of our rotary-valves offers a minimum gap between the half-pipe shaped chamber and the scraper, thus enabling lowest possible residues.

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Self Cleaning Rotary Valve best Quality designer & Manufacturer