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Pug Mill/Ash conditioner

The Pug Mill/Ash conditioner is applicable to many industries. Where pollution control is a factor, the mill effectively blends dust recovered from such equipment as electrostatic precipitator , mechanical collectors and bag houses with Various liquids, thus allowing transport without the particulate matter escaping into the air. The Pug Mill/Ash conditioner also lets you recover valuable elements such as lead, iron and copper and return them to the process stream. This is especially beneficial in sintering, as it returns the recovered dust to the process providing a closed circuit.

The Pug Mill/Ash conditioner are designed to work on a continuous basis accepting a controlled feed of material from either a screw feeder, or rotary valve etc.

Paddle blade formation is set to give the most efficient mixing action with water being added by an arrangement of atomized spray nozzles up to 30% by weight. All Conditioners are of heavy duty design, of single or twin shaft formation, material of construction can be mild steel or stainless steel. Throughput rates depend upon the type and properties of the product being handled. Sleeve will specify the machine size, length, speed and power to suit the actual plant and capacity requirements.

Types of paddle for fixed paddle of Pug Mill / Ash conditioner 

Replaceable blades of Pug MillAsh conditioner design

Replaceable blades of Pug Mill Ash conditioner design




fixed paddle of Pug MillAsh conditioner design

fixed paddle of Pug Mill Ash conditioner design












  • Scrubbers
  • Precipitators
  • Oxidizers
  • Bag houses
  • Heaters

Miteck performance advantages of Pug Mill/Ash conditioner 

  • Top feed opening can be modified to mate with equipment supplied by other manufactures.
  • Paddle shafts, flanged at both ends, simplify maintenance; permit removal of entire assembly.
  • Timing gears are sealed in a heavy duty oil bath case which features fill and drain points and an oil level gauge. These gears allow for paddle intermeshing which provides a vigorous mixing action.
  • The four spray pipes are connected to a common header and are equipped with spray nozzles. Individual control valves meter the proper amount of various wetting agents to each pipe.

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